Customer HierarchyAnother core component of the CRM package, Customer Hierarchy is a tool to create and view information by grouping of accounts. There is an automation of core ERP parent/child relationships plus the ability to create custom groups of accounts according to the needs of the business.


View aggregated account information and review trends on data points like:

•  Leads and opportunities

•  Five-year sales analysis by type (i.e.: machine & attachment sales, parts sold over-the-counter, parts associated with work orders or through Part Store, labor, miscellaneous, rentals, and more)

•  Accounts receivable

•  Sales coverage, lost sales reports and UCC1 filings

•  Customer machine population, associated work orders and PTOS metrics

•  Customer satisfaction through activity history and survey results

Get a better grasp on the relationships between different customers to maximize how the dealership interacts with their customer base with Customer Hierarchy.


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