SalesLink CRM

A robust CRM system designed with the specific needs of the Caterpillar dealer business in mind, SalesLink allows companies to better manage their business relationships, including the data and information associated with them. When combined with the entire suite of products, SalesLink CRM serves as a vital nerve center throughout the dealership.


SalesLink is comprised of three distinct modules (Executive, Sales Rep and Gatekeeper/Administrative) and is designed as a complete corporate solution for all customer-facing employees of the dealership.


The core CRM package includes SalesLink, Customer Search and Customer Hierarchy to:

•  Provide the centerpiece of all information relating to the customer experience

•  Present extensive views of customer interactions, revenue history, opportunities and asset base

•  Offer visibility and metrics on overall rep performance, sales funnel management and sales activities, participation, marketing campaigns, territory review and more

•  Aggregate DBS parent/child relationships as well as other pre-defined customer account groupings or hierarchies

•  Integrate with powerful optional modules including UCC Integration, Customer Issue Management and Customer Survey Management 

•  Be available on the go with SalesLink TOUCH, a companion mobile app specifically designed for sales reps in the field


As companies grow, business connections evolve from transactional into more sophisticated and relationship-driven. SalesLink CRM is the one tool vital to the success of any dealership looking to grow with their business with meaningful customer relationship management.


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