SalesLink TOUCH

SalesLink TOUCH

The key to unlocking customer data and dealer inventory on the go, SalesLink TOUCH is an app available for mobile devices that provides access to contact info while allowing users to edit activities, leads and opportunities, issues and more.


As a mobile companion to SalesLink CRM, TOUCH utilizes the same data warehouse as other applications and is available on multiple platforms – Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft.


A truly secure solution to CRM, no dealer data is stored on the local device and an easy-to-use administration console allows dealers control of users and their authorization levels.


TOUCH is feature rich and easy-to-navigate, utilizing many of the device capabilities like GPS mapping of individual customers, picture taking to upload photos of equipment in real time and voice-to-text to facilitate follow up on an activity on the go.  


Manage customer relationships from anywhere with SalesLink TOUCH and put the power of CRM in reps’ hands when they need it most – in the field, at their desk, or anywhere in between.


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