Sales ProcessHow efficient are your processes in the cycle from quote to invoice? Consistency in how processes are done within an organization can make a marked difference in customer and employee satisfaction and the overall customer experience. Customers expect friendly and prompt service, flexibility, a responsive service provider, acceptable delivery times and high levels of quality along the way. 

The Uptake Canada sales process solutions bring the employees together to one place in order to drive consistency, simplification, visibility and accountability in the processes through quoting, ordering, preparation, delivery and closing the loop with appropriate sales compensation. Whether that is a large-scale Power project that spans several years or a simple delivery of an inventoried unit, the process should be consistent yet designed specifically for that operational unit.  

Each of these tools focused on the sales process are linked with other solutions provided by Uptake Canada, like SalesLink for example, in order to put all of the vital information in front of the people that need to know.