iMACS (Intranet Material Acquisition Control System) is a management tool for Power System Division projects, organizing large projects and tracking materials purchases.

From the time a lead or opportunity is identified through to the commissioning and start-up phases, iMACS can manage it all. Integration with SalesLink leads and opportunities provides visibility of the sales funnel at the customer, divisional and enterprise levels. Dealerships can view all active projects and track their financial status in one intuitive and comprehensive program.

Role-based and granular, the system is highly configurable and customized to individual dealer requirements with built-in approval and workflow processes. Dashboards present vital information, such as milestones and due dates specific to the user’s assigned project list and role at the dealership.

Projects contain one or more stock numbers, and each stock number has its own set of classes for budgeting and reconciliation. Budgets can be manually created or automated by utilizing a Caterpillar PSQ upload process.

The iMACS solution provides credit approval and workflow, file/document directory, management and mapping of multiple units, purchasing and receiving functionality, budgeting and reconciliation, and robust reporting.


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